Explore the 5 Most Noteworthy Spots in Nashville's Historic Edgefield Neighborhood

Historic Edgefield 

Are you looking to uncover all that Historic Edgefield offers its residents—long-term and new? Get to know this popular Nashville neighborhood by browsing through its most popular local businesses that bring the long-standing community together, and provide a great spot for visitors who are thinking to relocate.

Continue to read to find out our top 5 noteworthy spots to visit the next time you are in Historic Edgefield.

5 Most Noteworthy Spots in Nashville's Historic Edgefield Neighborhood

1. High Garden 

Coming in at number one on our list is tea room High Garden. Located just off 935 Woodland Street, High Garden is the highest-rated business in the neighborhood, boasting all five stars on Yelp. Step into the magical and whimsical setting where you will be greeted upon arrival. Here you will find that the clinical-level eco-herbalist and a tea connoisseur combine decades of knowledge and practice to bring forth remarkable creations based on true wellness. The tea is nature in a cup, focused on the highest health, and a paradise for health junkies.

 Yeast Nashville

2. Yeast Nashville 

Next up on our list is the bakery, breakfast and brunch spot, Yeast Nashville serving coffee, tea, and more. Located at 805 Woodland Street, Suite 300, Yeast Nashville has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp and has proven to be a local favorite. The menu items are highly sought after and coveted breakfast bites inside its rustic bakery setting, known for its Tex-Czech kolaches. Wondering what a kolache is? Let us introduce you! A Bohemian (traditional) kolache is comprised of a sweet, yeast-based dough with a fruit, poppy seed, or cheese filling. The Czech/Slovak variety at Yeast Nashville is similar to a Danish, the difference being the consistency of the dough, as kolache dough tends to be more dense and sweet, similar to Brioche bread.

The Soda Parlor

3. The Soda Parlor 

Arcade and fashion spot, The Soda Parlor, offers a large variety of desserts and more. Located at 966 Woodland Street, Yelp gives this sweet business a 4.5-star rating. The Soda Parlor is a unique and fun place to play games and grab a treat, showcasing mouth-watering soda floats. The airy cafe offers ice cream-topped waffles, specialty sodas, and tons of arcade games for family-fun-filled afternoons.

Sky Blue Cafe

4. Sky Blue Cafe 

Sky Blue Cafe, a traditional American restaurant and breakfast and brunch spot offers coffee, French Toast, and more. This neighborhood go-to is rated 4 stars on Yelp. Proudly standing on the corner of 700 Fatherland Street and South 7th in Historic Edgefield, Sky Blue is a place for everyone old and new, under gray skies or blue. Popular mouth-watering items off of the menu in this small, intimate cafe include brie French toast, and omelets of all flavors and varieties.

Butcher & Bee

5. Butcher & Bee 

Butcher & Bee has earned 4 stars on Yelp, where you can find New American, Southern, and Middle Eastern fare at 902 Main Street. Known for being a hip outpost, the rotating menu is inventive and brings seasonal cuisine to the table made with only local ingredients. Residents and visitors can stroll in through the front doors to find brunch and dinner options. From the brunch menu, find popular items like the Egg and Veggie Scramble and the Chicken Shawarma Pita. On the dinner menu, find popular items like the Potato Gnocchi and the Pan-Seared Scallops.

Interested in spending an afternoon browsing the best spots in Historic Edgefield? From tea houses to various restaurants and hangouts, explore the best of Historic Edgefield today. 

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